Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what the hell lets do this blogging

so i could not sleep tonight and decided what the hell lets try this blogging stuff and see if it can motivate me more into grinding more hands or realive some stress when i dont feel like playing.

well lets start off by what i played today.

565 hands of 50nl 6max -26
391 hands of 100nl 6max -164

i also play a bunch of sattys to the pca and such these sattys where 2r to the 33r and some 5$ hypo turbos to a 22R. those hypo are real crazy but very +ev in my opinion

finished that at +64

i bought pokertracker3 the other day after my trial was up. i am very happy with it so far. i would recommend that to any poker player playing online.

well most of you know that i am going for supernova status at pokerstars i got 19,410 vpp to go. i hope this blogging can encourge me to get that faster i need to get that by christmas so i can concierge our christmas gifts. and maybe get a new laptop b/c i really could use 1. well thats all for now

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