Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Grinding

well just been grinding it out since the last update and as per requested by a few folks i will put a graph of what i put done for the month so far.


that includes 13,777 hands of 100nl 6max and 3,909 hands of 50nl which was at the start of the month b/c i was waiting on my rakeback from my fpps b/c i cashed out some.

we r just a few days away from going to tunica so i am ready for that. hopefully 1 of us can run good in 1 of the mtts or at least maybe the cash games. i fig those will be pretty soft as well. well thats all for now.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

mid month

well its about time to update i guess first of all here r the month totals.

8,972 hands of 100nl 6max +863
3,909 hands of 50nl -111

i had to play some 50nl earlier in the month while i was waiting on my 1k conceirge from pokerstars b/c i had to take out 1k for new tires and rims for my truck that i was desperatly needing. so obv i suck at 50nl and i think its the devil...lolz. anyways played few mtts right at about break even nothing special there to report.

i did go play live yesterday played a 35r which i was in for 85$ after rebuy period with about 7.5k stack. there was about 40 entrants and i bubbled the final table of that. then i grinded for 3hrs at the 200nl table to finish +40 there. i was playing that waiting on the evening 50$ mtt +%5$ add onn for 1k so i played that. there was 27 players only in that. i ran over my first table and got slapped by the deck before break and had around 16k in chips. when we went to the ft i had around 15k with the blinds at 4/800 and dbling every 20mins so now it became a shvoe fest. well people got knocked out and there was 4 of us left. bbis 1k with no antes. i have 13k. utg limps folds to me i look down at 44 and shove he calls with a9 flop a9x gg me i could not catch up so i was the bubble boy of the money. i went to play live to get in some practice for the tunica trip less then a week away.

i am ready for that for sure should be a good time so far its me, justin (bigtimin),dickerson (arkansasmatt), and his brother in law. going and then we r meeting up with yankees31, and some other ithers there. so surely 1 of us donks can ft someting and win some monnies.

now i would like to thank my wife for leting me go on this trip this is my first poker trip with actual money that i can gamble with from winning monnies at pokerstars. i like the fact that she supports my poker and knows and beleives in me that i can win and make a good partime job out of this game because that what it has become..lolz. so to show some of my appreciation i am gonna give her 300$ to spend on whateever she wants while i am gone. aint i a good husband???.......i luv u babe.

aight well thats about it so far for supernova vvp this year i have collected 4,101 vpp.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year

well i finished up getting nova on new years eve at around 2pm that day. for the monthly totals of december here goes.

30k hands of 100nl 6max +505
1,450 hands of 200nl +4
159 hands of 2/4 limit +3

i also play few mtts the last sunday of the month and broke even there with really no deep finishs. for the year i ended up with 100,014 vpp. that last week of play really sucked b/c i was up around 1.5k for the month and dropped 1k that last few days but o well it happens.

for new years wife and i went out with some freind and got tore up and had a great time. i hope everyone else had a safe and great holiday. as far as christmas we had a great 1.

i also got to go on the greatest duck hunt of my life that people would probably pay thousands of dollars 2 go on and here is a pic from that. we killed 47 ducks in 45 mininutes it was unreal. my gun barrel was smoking.



hopefully i will get 2 go on another 1 of those hunts. my son really liked seeing all those

well now i gotta really grind 2 keep supernova. i will try 2 update more often been kinda