Sunday, March 21, 2010


well had few days off from work and got lots of golf in. i played 36 holes at my home course and also got to play 18 holes at 1 of the top golf courses in the state of Arkansas called Diamante Country Club. it is a private golf course so obv i know some people in high places!!! it was very nice and i put up an 82 not bad for just stepping on that course. They have had a few nationwide events at the course, i obv did not play the tips lol b/c that would been hella long course and the 82 i shot woulda been 102 lol.

i got in a little poker but not much. when i got back friday night from golf i played 2 mtts at Cake. a 30$ bounty which i bubbled that and a 20$ turbo bounty and i actually squeeked in a final table 5th/ 236 runners for ~190 counting my bounties i took. so that was nice.

got few more days at full tilt to finish up that 100$ bonus should be no problem doing that.

BR ~1.7k

Monday, March 15, 2010

got moved

ok got most of my br moved over to full tilt. i played some mtts on saturday and lets see the results. full tilt was having a 10r mini ftops event and me and decided to play it and swap 10% profit on a a 30$ buyin basis. he finished about mid pack no money and i bust just before the bubble with a8< qq aipf to a guy who had been very active. so here r my ftp results.

11r 1,131/13,586 runners
11$ superstack 1,793/2,663

also mixed in few stars donkaments since i had 100$ setting over there after a money swap. results there

5.50 2,625/6,506
11$ 2,855/7,801
3r 1,872/8,954.....stuck about 48$ in rb on that 1..LOL...
11$ 1,872/3,383

and played 1 mtt at cake which was my only cash...woot woot

12$ 6max turbo 4k gurantee 35/436 for 26.16

so o well few semi deep runs just got u/l in them.

well most my money at ftp so gonna grind some cash there. also gonna have few days off then the outage starts at work so will be busy after that

gl all

Saturday, March 13, 2010


guess i gonna move all my roll over to ftp and just grind there fulltime. i really like this HEM and its hud so gonna just stay there so i can use the hud. gonna play some mtts today and maybe a ftops event at ftp.

br still ~1.5k.

lol cant get it going.

and i still have little bonus to clear at ftp should be done in few days.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

not much going

well i have already slacked off this month. with the nice weather we have had i been getting out of the house and playing little golf and gonna try to throw in some crappie fishing in so def gonna take away from poker.

cash games so far results r
1,621 hands 25nl even $
31 hands of 25plo +15
thats at ftp

at cake
928 hands of 100nl -107
126 hands of 50plo -3

managed to get in few mtts on monday night 1 at cake a 6$ bounty kk<55 all in o a board of 784 he spikes the 6 obv

then was in a 3r at ftp did no good was in for 13$ there, played 5$ cashout no good there, 8$ 180 finished mid pack, then the 2 10$ daily doubles busted early in the B and almost had a good finish in the A. i finished 22/1300~ for 54$ lost a big flip tt
so i win that flip and i am looking good to final table that 1.

aight thats all for now .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb results

well lets take a look at the HEM and see how feb went.

7,893 hands of 100nl -210
693 hands of 50nl +58
4087 hands of 200nl -420
230 hands of 50plo -63
419 hands of 100plo -91

so not an excellent month at cake plus i did not do very well in mtts over there

full tilt
3062 hands of 25nl +229
107 hands of 25plo -48

def better at ftp when i got the HEM. and started messing with the hud the game turned around a lot.

looks like i will play this 2 sites half and half for the month and i got 100$ bonus to work off at ftp.

rake back combined for the 2 site come up to ~380$ so that help with the loosing month.