Monday, March 15, 2010

got moved

ok got most of my br moved over to full tilt. i played some mtts on saturday and lets see the results. full tilt was having a 10r mini ftops event and me and decided to play it and swap 10% profit on a a 30$ buyin basis. he finished about mid pack no money and i bust just before the bubble with a8< qq aipf to a guy who had been very active. so here r my ftp results.

11r 1,131/13,586 runners
11$ superstack 1,793/2,663

also mixed in few stars donkaments since i had 100$ setting over there after a money swap. results there

5.50 2,625/6,506
11$ 2,855/7,801
3r 1,872/8,954.....stuck about 48$ in rb on that 1..LOL...
11$ 1,872/3,383

and played 1 mtt at cake which was my only cash...woot woot

12$ 6max turbo 4k gurantee 35/436 for 26.16

so o well few semi deep runs just got u/l in them.

well most my money at ftp so gonna grind some cash there. also gonna have few days off then the outage starts at work so will be busy after that

gl all

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