Wednesday, March 10, 2010

not much going

well i have already slacked off this month. with the nice weather we have had i been getting out of the house and playing little golf and gonna try to throw in some crappie fishing in so def gonna take away from poker.

cash games so far results r
1,621 hands 25nl even $
31 hands of 25plo +15
thats at ftp

at cake
928 hands of 100nl -107
126 hands of 50plo -3

managed to get in few mtts on monday night 1 at cake a 6$ bounty kk<55 all in o a board of 784 he spikes the 6 obv

then was in a 3r at ftp did no good was in for 13$ there, played 5$ cashout no good there, 8$ 180 finished mid pack, then the 2 10$ daily doubles busted early in the B and almost had a good finish in the A. i finished 22/1300~ for 54$ lost a big flip tt
so i win that flip and i am looking good to final table that 1.

aight thats all for now .

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