Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb results

well lets take a look at the HEM and see how feb went.

7,893 hands of 100nl -210
693 hands of 50nl +58
4087 hands of 200nl -420
230 hands of 50plo -63
419 hands of 100plo -91

so not an excellent month at cake plus i did not do very well in mtts over there

full tilt
3062 hands of 25nl +229
107 hands of 25plo -48

def better at ftp when i got the HEM. and started messing with the hud the game turned around a lot.

looks like i will play this 2 sites half and half for the month and i got 100$ bonus to work off at ftp.

rake back combined for the 2 site come up to ~380$ so that help with the loosing month.

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