Thursday, February 25, 2010

work work work

not much going here just been working last 2 nights and then i will have a 3 day weekend. played some 100nl and 50nl and 50plo at cake last 2 nights have not faired well down aobut 150 there for about 800 hands total. played about 300 hands at ftp at 25nl and 25plo with the money i have there and up about 100 there so thats good.

should be able to get some hands in and tweek my HEM some more tonight. really enjoying the stats that if offers and i really think it has stepped my game back up.

been looking over the SCOOP schedule at stars and should be able to play few events not sure if i will try to get backed for some or just play on my own. would like to get backed for some of the larger events if that is possible.

aight well thats all for now

br still ~1.5k

maybe i can shoot that up this weeknd

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