Saturday, February 20, 2010


well i took litte break from poker when my br got real low and i lost supernova at stars. so i took what i had and went to cake to grind it back. well that turned nice b/c i netted a 3k score there in a 50$ mtt i sat in for 10$ so that bosted the 500$ BR i had back up and was back in business. so january was a good month for the br.

i cashed out 1.5k and went on a casino trip / valentines trip with the wife. i played in 2 mtts at the oklahoma state championship. a 120 side event and the 340$ 100k guranted state championship. played for hours in both did no good u can see my hands on my twitter account if u wanna look. @dankimbal42 is my twitter name.

so now i am grinding cash games at cake 100nl 200nl and some 100plo and 50plo. with some mtts mixed in at ftp and stars when i move money over there. it has been going good until the last few days i have hit road block and have not got anything going and i also played out of my BR a bit in some mtts i should have not got into but was feeling it u know how that is.

so i gonnaa cut that out and grind it the right way.

BR 1.5k

this week i have played ~2k hands at diff cash levels i have mention above.

welp thats all for now

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