Monday, February 22, 2010


so i decided to buy holdem manager. and working on tweeking that for all my sites that i play. i really like it so far really give u lot more stats to check out. and u can a dif hud setup for whatefver game or tables u play or tourneys or sngs. the only thing still cant use hud at cake but at least it will track ur hands u play so i can keep better record of my win/losses there and hands histories.

fulltilt also gave out some bonuses so i got 100$ to clear from that so that will give me something to look forward to as i play some cash at ftp and tweek the hud like i want it on HEM. also gonna play some mtts tonight at ftp and stars small buyins to work on the hud for the mtts.

i finally got 2 days off work worked the last 7/8 night shifts so really do for some family time and get some stuff done around the house.

br still ~1.5k

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