Sunday, November 16, 2008


well the last 2 days have been rough at the poker tables. friday was wife birthday and she liked her flowers. when i got off work saturday we went out and had a drink and small dinner. we r gonna take drake 2 the movies tonight for the first time in his life. we r going to watch madagascar 2. looks like it will be funny kids show.

on the the pokers friday i played 1,528 hands and finished -84.75. so that was not bad but saturday started off well i played a 27.50 hypo turbo sat to the 109$ pca qualifier. there was 5 seats in it and i managed to win a 109$ seat. i kept the w$ and that put my w$ to 180.14. the i hit the cash tables and it all went 2 hell fast. i played 1,646 hands -364.65 ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is right. i took a couple bad beats lost like 2 flips then i tilted off probably another 3 buyins. so ya i gotta get that shit under control. i had a 80/20 fish at 1 of my tables just wearing me out. and that pissed me off.....LOL.

17,642 VPP to supernova

well i am gonna jet we r headed out and i will probably grind some when we get back if i can shake this little sinus infection i have. head kinda hurts so we will see...LATERS ALL

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