Friday, November 21, 2008

mini heater

well since i last update i have been on somewhat a mini-heater. lets start with the cash games

4,229 hands 100nl +527.45

also played some pca sats and made few w$ so i have 116w$
played a 11r to the nightly 100k and won a seat and kept the 162t$

i went and played in a home game that i play once and awhile when i am off. it turned out to be just a 20$ 10player sng and won that 120$.

went and spent some winnings and got new waders and few more hunting supplies. we r going tonight to buy a fancy new christmas tree. wife been wanting one of them rotating trees so i gonna go buy it for her. prob not gonna get much play in the next 2 days b/c of duck season. i should be out doing that but probably get in a few satties and such.

14,866 to supernova

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