Monday, November 17, 2008

Nice score

well we took drake to the movies to watch madagascar 2. it was a real funny cartoon...anymore there is a lot of adult humor in them cartoons. we got home and i decided to fire up some pca sats and cash games. well the pca sats did not end up well. i ended up down about 90$ and the cash went just about the same. for some rason my pt3 is not wanting to bring me up stats so i think i was like 900hands at 50nl 6max -55$

so i was like what the hell lets play a 33$ 10k gurantee that was registring and i asked on irc if anyone wanted to play also and swap 10%. well i got 2 takers from ith yankees31 and tyhunt. i had a quit 1st hour finished around starting stack the second hour if got on a heater and chipped up to about 15k which was top 10 stack at the time. next hours went about the same slowlly chipping up. the last 2 tables yankees kept telling me 2 turn the heat up so i did and won a nice flip on the final table bubble kj>q8s aipf. that put me at about 5/9 going into the final table. we was about 7 handed and i raised from sb vs bb with 84o bb flatted, flop came 446 rainbow. i checked bb bet i miniraised he reminiraised i flatted turn came k hearts i shoved and he callled with 69o lol and i took down monster pot 2 put me at around 400k. few others got knocked out and i went on 2 mow down the rest 4 handed. they would not play back at me. 3 handed i raised from button with 23o sb shoved. i was getting 3-1 so i called he had kjo.....flop and i held was overe 1.1mill hu vs 550k or so. BB was around 30k at this point and going up soon ...we got it in with kq vs his ak and he held up to flip the chips. the very next hand i shvoe a2s vs kx and i double back in it. i ended up finishing 2nd for $2,329. there was 555 entrants in the feild.

so i had to ship 10% of winnings to yanks and tyhunt. tyhunt also finished 24th. this was my biggest cash ever so i am very happy.

i would like to thank yankees31 and another friend for the rail. poker jon from england joined late on msn to rail me also and gave some good advice.

well i gonna take some $$$$ off now to pay for a new pair of waders for duck season and take the family to branson over thanksgiving to see the holiday of lights at silver dollar city. so that should be fun

17,352vpp to supernova

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