Sunday, December 7, 2008


well i have got lazy already on this blogging so i will update what has happen from dec 1st to now dec 7th.

i have played 8,441 hands of 100nl and -197. i was down 700 at 1 point and even at 1 point but have not been in the green all that long. i feel that i am playing well but have made a few bad plays and got u/l a few times so with the fpp and such i really am not that down i guess.

i also played a bunch of mtts and sats at ftp here r the totals on that
played a total of 25 mtts and sats combined. with 8/25 cashes which put me right at about even over there.

i have not got in the hands that i would like so i gonna have 2 buckle down and get 2 it.

9,206vpp to supernova

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