Monday, December 1, 2008


well i finished november by playing a bunch of mtts on sunday. it did not go so well i only had 3 cashes out of 19 mtts. i played full tilt and pokerstars for a total of 536$ worth of buyins and with my 3 cashes only finished down 257$

i would like to send crongrats to my boy yankees31 for his first sunday major score in the sunday warmup 750k gurantee for 105k...was a sick score and he ran awesome the whole mtt. mclelands,dickerson, and i will be hanging out with yankees31 in tunica on jan 23rd. that should be lots of fun and maybe we can take down some mtts there at the wsop circuit.

i only played 947 hands of 100nl since last post for +12.60
my monthly totals for cash goes like this
100nl 20,600 hands +1,053$ at 2.5ptbb/100
50nl 13k hands -391$
50nl HU 115 hands +66

i dont feel like imoporting all my mtts for the month but yall can check that online if yall know where to finished up around ~1.2k there since i had that nice score.

12,450 vpp to supernova

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