Sunday, December 14, 2008

not much going

well i played 11 11$ hypo turbo double shootouts this morning to the sunday warmup and went 0/11...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. lastnight i played the 50/50 at ftp and went out like 35th ish for 204$ and i played the 50/70k at stars and did no good in it. also played a 27$ turbo 8k and no good there. i have played a few sats at full tilt and really dont have anything to report about that.

wife and i went and played live the other night at the local indian casino. its about 1hr drive. i played 200nl and had a very soft table. i played from 11pm to 6am finisedh +150. prob finished up less than that with rake and tips and a few drinks.

i have played 1,998 of 100nl since last report at -128. have not got much going there.

i might go play in a live mtt this evening depending on how the morning online playing goes. it is a 60$ mtt and usually get about a 100 runners with decent structure. if i can get some guys from the live home game i play in to go i will o as well aight thats all for now.

7,551 vpp to supernova

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