Monday, February 2, 2009

The Month of January

well lets start off by saying that january was a very good month for me at the cash tables here r the results

25,920 hands at 100nl 6max +2,020 at almost 40$ an hour.
3,909 hands at 50nl 6max -111.

obv i need to play more than that but that got me by anyways. i also play lots of mtts through out the the month and u can check those results at opr or sharkscope for the sngs b/c i am to lazy to look at those

well as far as the tunica trip goes we got there on a thursday and stayed through sunday. i played 2 mtt a 240$ 6max that i totally donked up and was out and at 340$ mtt that i actually won a 45$ 10 man sng to so i freerolled that up woot.
i played in that for about 6 hours and busted right before the dinner break with aq<66 aipf. i really couldnt get anything going in that and played a shortstack most of the mtt. play lots of cash games 1-3nl and did no good there. we also hit the roulette table and that was fun. for the trip mtts,cash games, food, drinks i finished down 675~ so i sent my receipts in and got it all concierge with the supernova status so that helps pay for the trip so it really was just a big freeroll.

got to hang out with yankees31 and he is 1 cool cat. prob gonna hang out with him in vegas as well b/c he is getting a sweeeetttttttt pad for wsop. so wife and i will prob spend a weekend there with him during the wsop. so prob gonna save up my fpps for that weekend.

well thats all for now i gonna shoot for 20k vpp month for feb so i better get my ass on it.

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