Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feb results

well the month of feb was not a bad month could have been better but i cannot complain here r the cash game results

43,783 hands at 100nl 6max +1,077
768 hands of 50nl 6max +152

i also played few sngs such as the 20$ dons and did well in them with about a 12%roi
i didnt play 2 many mtts but did ft a 12/180 turbo saturday for 4th place finish.

i made almost 16k in vpp which is is just a little under 1k worth of fpps for concierge. i decided just concierge 500$ worth of fpps and i cashed out 1k check.

i do have some good news on the home front. we have made a huge step in our life and have purchased our first house. its not brand new was built in 95 but is in great condition and has totally been redone inside with new central heat and air system to boot. my wife is very excited and has already been buying up things to decorate the new house i should have pics posted on my facebook in the coming days as we get moved in and such.

well i did not reach the 20k vpp goal for feb but it was a short month and i got lazy so for the month of march i should be able 2 get the 20k vpp mark. well thats all for now


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Martynp said...


You don't know me but I found your blog via MX's blog. Just wanted to say congrats on the new house and the feb results.

Moving into a new place is exciting and I loved it when my wife and I bought our first place a couple of years back.

Anyway congrats again and I enjoyed reading your blog.